Simple data management

for better ERP projects

Jean-Francois Minsart

Jean-Francois (or Jef as he likes to be known) played a crucible role on the Wella Manufacturing Integration program that I was leading. We brought Jef in to oversee the critical area of master data integration...
Don Lewis, Project Management Consultant

Jef is process oriented and result focused individual working with doing it right at the first place mentality....
Ceyhun Karababa, Applications & Business Services Executive at Hewlett-Packard

What we strive for

  • Do you want to smoothen and secure your ERP data migration ?
  • Do you want to unleash the true power of integration ?
  • Do you want to enable your people for long term benefits ?

There are multiple ways to reach these goals, such as revising business processes (you do this already, don't you), cleaning up the data and making sure it stays clean, sometimes implementing new tools (or fixing existing ones!), and certainly executing a project with a strong method for data management (yes, there are ways to do this safely and efficiently in the midst of a project).

But always, as much as functionnaly or technically possible, let's keep it simple !

Services - more information
Data Project Management
Complete management of your ERP data migration in the best possible way, thanks to the PDM methodology, the Practical Data Migration. Zero-defect migration, on time, on budget, … it is possible.
Pre-project migration assessment
You think you are ready to kick off, what about making sure of it? Have you challenged your assumptions? Have you asked the annoying questions? Let's see that and save lives and money.
Quality Assurance
Do you have troubles with a running migration? Or you lack visibility on the progress? Let's review it together and upgrade the work to a best-in-class data migration.
Data Governance
Whether you need to get all started from scratch, or you want to revisit the existing organization model, we can work together to implement a strong foundation for data management at your company.
Products - more information
SDC (Simple Data Check)
A Microsoft Excel add-on that makes it easy to run some rule-based checks on the data stored in sheets.
A data migration project tool, in the making.
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